*SPOILER ALERT* Prepare for a Plot Twist

Posted: August 25, 2016 in Uncategorized
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 20160814_15324420160814_165634WHOA!!! I did NOT see THAT coming!!

Remember way back in January, of two-thousand… and FOURTEEN (*gasp!*) I had mentioned that I wanted to take a Willy’s truck cab and graft it onto the little Jeep, chop the top and have a cabbed vehicle?

(Check out Genesis – The Look if you have forgotten.)


I take your Willy’s truck cab and raise you one Kenworth cab!

Yep. That just happened. Everyone knows that I brought home the Kenny cab, and I wanted to chop it up and use the metal for Frank…

  1. Marcus says:

    Have you continued you’re build at all I have a 1983 dj5m and i want to do a rat rod build I have a 5.3 that I am putting in it. I would love to see more pictures of you finished your build

    • frankenjeep says:

      Hey Marcus,

      Rest assured, I have still been building on the FrankenJeep, albeit a slow process. Just tonight (Saturday, 11Feb) we fabricated and installed the driver side quarter panel.

      Between the family and my two jobs I try and squeeze in work on the little truck.

      Thank you for the interest in my build, and for taking the time to send this message. I will be updating the pages, with pictures here shortly.

      As far as your own build, I am not sure if you are on the Facebook, but check out https://m.facebook.com/RatRodAddiction/ because they are a solid family of rodders and they have no shortage of muses. Other than that, keep the torch hot, the grinder spinning, and keep at it. As you can see, my build has been quite the adventure thus far!

      Good luck and post some pictures of your build if you get the chance!

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