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. . . Right after a word from our sponsors . . .

Haha! I always hated when they did that, but such is the way they sell entertainment, right?

To the point of the matter. Mac, where have you been, and what has been going on? Am I correct, these are the questions you all want the answers to? Here we go, much has gone on since October 11, 2016.

Hmm, where to start… obviously with the FrankenJeep, and more than likely right where we left off, right? Okay, I last told you the crazy story of how I met Mike Johnson and bought the Willys grille. If you remember correctly, I bought a Willys grille from a man that was there during the building of the very Jeep that gave me the idea to create the FrankenJeep and take it in its current direction. Yeah, so?!?

I also previously let you in on the little tidbit of information that my quarter panels were made of pot metal and that I needed to do something about it. Well, I did. That is right, I finally got the quarter panel situation [sort of] figured out.