February, My Second Christmas

Posted: September 23, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I got back home in February and went to pick up my tools.  I made Jaiden come with me, as I had a surprise for him. We managed to get all of my tools picked up, with the exception of one package – Jaiden’s toolbox. I had bought him a roll away toolbox to have for himself, and it was the last package to be received. We finally got his tools figured out and we set for home. I spent the next few days cataloging and organizing my tools.

Shortly after all of this, I picked up the 12 bolt rear end for the hot rod, and also got a Chevy small block 400.

Wait, let me clarify – I paid for my axle and engine. That is right, I will be rocking a 400/400 in this thing!

I also made a few calls to some cam shaft companies:

Me: “Hi, I have a bit of a project, and I need a cam…”

XXX Cam Company: “Great! What do you have, and what are you looking to do with it?”

Me: “Well, that is just the thing. I really do not need a bunch of horsepower here; I just need it to sound the part.”

Them: (disappointedly) “Yeah. Okay, well…”

Me: “Look, I am the last person to think I would ever hear those words come out of my mouth, but I have a very light project and a Chevy 400… Do you have the interweb at your fingertips?”

Them: “Yeah. Why?”

Me: “Good. Look up ‘flat rod jeep’.”

I hear typing… “Oh! I see. That thing is bad ass! Now I get it! Yeah, we can help you with that!”

I have yet to purchase anything for the Chevy 400, or the 12 bolt rear end, but I did buy them. I will be working with all of that very soon here. I also found another welder that is excited about doing a project that you do not see every day – the Dana 44 drop axle. I cannot weld it at my house because I do not trust 110v MIG welding on a front axle; so, I have been looking for someone to weld me up with an arc welder. I have found a few shops that are willing to do it, but I am getting quotes in the thousand dollar range, and well, that sort of contradicts the meaning of “budget build”. If it really comes down to it, I will take it to one of them, but I am trying really hard on keeping this thing on the cheap.

The hot rod lay stagnant due to needing some key parts for it, mainly axles. The Drop Dana had not been built, and we still had much to do with the Chevy 400. So, I turned my attention to other things – piratey things. We continued to build on the Pirate Ship because there was a deadline. We had to get it done before the first weekend of April, and there was still so much to get done.

In the midst of my tools frenzy and such, I made time to pick up a new (to me) truck! I got myself a 1980 J10.

80 J 10 [2] 006-20141216-14354723_180 J 10 [2] 004-20141216-143540652

Now, I do not really believe in a Jeep with square headlights, and that was my next task to tackle. I had to see what it would take to convert this guy over to a proper set of eyes. Unfortunately, that meant that the hot rod was going to be put onto the back burner… temporarily. So I told myself.


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